eLOQ Uplink Issue with Chrome Version 58+ (Post UPDATED: 11/05/17 )

NOTICE: We advise users to not update the Google Chrome Browser just yet if you use it for eLOQ Enterprise. Please do not go to Help>About as this will trigger the update.

UPDATE: 11/05/17 (current fix)

Please follow the below steps that need to be taken in Chrome and Opera browser if you see the below error and you know eLOQ Uplink is running.

Error when the site cannot contact eLOQ Uplink.


Step1: Navigate to or click this link. and you will see the image below:

Click the Advanced Button


Step2: Click the “Advanced button” and then select “Proceed to..” like below:

This will cause the eLOQ Uplink Icon to flash green and white alternatively, which means the browser can now communicate with eLOQ Uplink successfully: 


Step3: Close eLOQ Uplink by right clicking on the icon and selecting “Exit” as shown in the image below. Then close the browser in which you navigated to .


Step4: Re-launch the browser and eLOQ Uplink. Navigate to your unique login URL, the eLOQ Uplink error should not occur anymore and you will be able to use eLOQ Enterprise as usual.




The Issue:

Google Chrome developers have reacted to some security research that suggest there is exposed risk to users of the browser when connecting to local services.

Two articles about such attacks can be seen here:




However I would like to make clear this is NOT an issue with eLOQ Uplink but more to do with other devices e.g. old insecure routers that are on the localhost network.

Because the chrome developers cannot securely identify different use-cases over the localhost identifier they have for now blocked any networking to the local network i.e., localhost etc.

A link to the bug tracker is here:



We have already identified a few possible solutions however we will hold out a little longer for some new news from the Chrome Dev team.

For the near future we advise not updating Chrome just yet.

However we understand this is not ideal so alternative browsers that can be used with eLOQ Uplink are below:

(List will keep being updated)

Microsoft Edge 40.15063.0.0 (Latest as of 21 April 2017)


Successful Update of eLOQ cloud Services.

The planned eLOQ cloud services update and maintenance has been completed successfully.  The maintenance was completed  in 1.5 hrs which was less time than initially expected .

We would like to thank you for your patience and also inform you on how this update will improve your experience with our cloud services.


What have we changed? 

We have made a few changes to the eLOQ cloud platform to increase its security and improve the user experience.  We have

  • Carried out code optimization to help with the data processing speeds
  • Improved the server loading times.
  • Implemented a new cloud service architecture that would allow us to update and maintain the eLOQ Cloud services seamlessly in the future.
  • Further increased our cloud security.
  • Migrated our cloud servers and database servers from Dublin, Ireland to London, UK as discussed in this blog post.


What does all this mean?

In short the update has greatly reduced the loading time for  www.eloqenterprise.com . It has also increased the speed at which the pages load when you are using our cloud software.

This update also ensures that our customer data is stored safely and securely within the UK . The security of www.eloqsecurity.com has been increased as well . Below is a screenshot of the results from qualsys sslLabs (click the link to test www.eloqenterprise.com yourself).


ssllabs - eloqsecurity.com