Successful Update of eLOQ cloud Services.

The planned eLOQ cloud services update and maintenance has been completed successfully.  The maintenance was completed  in 1.5 hrs which was less time than initially expected .

We would like to thank you for your patience and also inform you on how this update will improve your experience with our cloud services.


What have we changed? 

We have made a few changes to the eLOQ cloud platform to increase its security and improve the user experience.  We have

  • Carried out code optimization to help with the data processing speeds
  • Improved the server loading times.
  • Implemented a new cloud service architecture that would allow us to update and maintain the eLOQ Cloud services seamlessly in the future.
  • Further increased our cloud security.
  • Migrated our cloud servers and database servers from Dublin, Ireland to London, UK as discussed in this blog post.


What does all this mean?

In short the update has greatly reduced the loading time for . It has also increased the speed at which the pages load when you are using our cloud software.

This update also ensures that our customer data is stored safely and securely within the UK . The security of has been increased as well . Below is a screenshot of the results from qualsys sslLabs (click the link to test yourself).


ssllabs -